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Xena, Warrior Princess


Interesting title. Just how does it apply to writing?

“X” titles and subjects are hard to come by. This one actually came from my husband over lunch while we were traveling this weekend. He had other suggestions but this one was the most interesting.


Do you remember Xena? A warrior princess set in mythical times who went around redeeming herself by helping others? Yes, no? Since the show began airing 20 years ago, I wouldn’t be surprised either way.

Before I did a little research (i.e. Wikipedia), my thought was Xena was a woman who lived life on her own terms. I seem to remember her evolving from only the warrior to a woman who was strong but also embraced her feminine side. She was tough, taking on the biggest adversaries and winning. I know this is made for TV but having women who are like this wasn’t very common then and still isn’t today.

The thought that struck me all day was that she lived her life on her terms, not bowing to convention, and how this applies to writing. There are so many how to’s, conferences, and classes that tell you a path to write and publication. You know the ones I mean – 10 steps to publication and the like. What I’ve come to believe is that there is no one path when it comes to writing. Just like Xena.

How, you might ask?

Well, you have to be tough and learn to navigate your own world, on your own terms. Having a thick skin is just one necessary thing to have when you are battling the critics.

There is no one path to redemption (publication). Xena traveled throughout the countryside taking on the ills of her world, never having an actual plan that I can remember. While it may be a good idea to have a plan for your own writing, it is important to stay flexible.

She also looked good doing it. Again, I realize this is TV. However, it is important to take care of yourself while you walk this path. That means getting enough sleep, eating decently, exercise, keeping up relationships and not taking yourself too seriously.

I believe that the writing life is fulfilling and rewarding in its own right. Publication is simply icing on the cake.

Who are your heroes for writing or otherwise?


  • Andi

    I loved that show. And you’re right; we need to do life on our own terms and that includes writing. I just started writing so I haven’t had any negative comments. But I hear Kiera Knightley’s character in that movie, Begin Again, in the back of my head saying, “I write for my own pleasure” Other’s may not like my writing however, as long as I do, and I enjoy doing it. It’s really all that matters. 🙂