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Yellow, Yen, or Young


This has been the most difficult post to get moving. There aren’t many “Y” words that translate into something worth writing about. Or maybe it is my present mind. I have no clear reason for each of these words just random picks. Lets talk about Yellow, Yen and Young.


Yellow happens to be one of my least favorite colors. I seem to gravitate toward cool colors, especially purples. I can see the value in each of the colors though. My office has some light, creamy yellow walls and it is one of my favorite places. When it is clean and neat. Which it isn’t at the moment. Four year olds tend to be hard on a playroom. It is calming for me and my clients.


Yen is an interesting word. It means yearn or long for. Also it is the form of currency in Japan. This word has caught my imagination. Since I haven’t been to Japan and therefore have never needed the currency, I am focused on the yearning or longing word. The thought I’m having is that I’ve never used this word in my writing. Well, not that I can remember anyway. There is a certain appeal to the word and I hope it is one that will find its way into my writing.


Another interesting word. Our society seems to be enamored of youth and the young. Getting old is seen as having little value. There are things that only come with age:

Experience – There are mistakes we won’t make again. We have learned from them. Of course, there are many more that I can and will make. That is just part of life.
Knowing what I want out of life – At least I think I do. I am more clear on how I want my life to go now more so than I ever have. This is a good thing. There is less angst.
Grand kids – This is one of the best things about growing older. I am lucky to have a couple of the cutest little ones to call me Memaw. I’m not biased at all. See for yourself:

2014-09-24 19.33.422014-09-24 19.33.28

I wouldn’t change a thing.

What are your favorite things about getting older?